The Crown Travel Group FAQs

Your Honeymoon or Family Vacation is not the time for "uh-oh" moments!  At The Crown Travel Group, the only kind of surprises we like come in a jewelry box ---NOT in relationships with our Clients.  We feel strongly about providing honest & transparent information that you can trust; it’s the basis of our relationships with our Clients—and with our Travel Partners.   You’ll know exactly what to expect, exactly what you’re getting & how much it will cost.

Whether or not you have ever worked with a Travel Agent before, every one of us is different.  We’re sure you have some questions – and here are some answers!


What kind of travel do you book?

I’m SO glad you asked! We are all about relationships with our clients---so we book worldwide—wherever our Clients want to go….and for every occasion. The United States, Europe, cruises, resorts--- Just tell us your what & where---and we’ll get started on making it happen.

How much do you charge for our services?

Nothing. Nope. REALLY!

Then how do you get paid?

Everything has a margin of profit built into the price---the commission. If you book direct with the resort, they keep it all. If you book with me, I get a percentage of the commission & the resort keeps the rest. *It’s important to know that we don’t get paid until after you travel.

Then why should I book with you instead of the resort?

You wanted information you could trust. We listened to you. We provided recommendations for You. We don’t sell off a list provided by management. We don’t have a sales quota to make. We provide you with the solid information about your destination, answer your questions & work with you on all the details of your trip. You get our knowledge, our network, our services, all the coordination & all the back-up for travel “what-if’s?” that can happen. If there’s a problem of some sort, you contact us, we jump in and work on getting it resolved.

How much should I budget for our trip?

The cost to travel depends on so many factors: where you traveling from & where you’re going, when you’re traveling, flights, where you want to stay. It’s kind of like how much to build a house? There’s a lot of variables. Just let us know your travel thoughts & we’ll get started. By the way, The Crown Travel Group does not believe in blowing budgets for travel.

How much do we have to put down & do you have payment plans?

Deposits are important because they lock in your plans & your pricing. Deposit amounts vary but we’ll make sure you have all the specifics when we send your quote. Once you apply your deposit, you can pay on your trip---any amount at any time---or wait until final payment is due.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

YES! And we strongly recommend it. Details on it will be provided along with your quote. Please note, travel protection is always non-refundable.

I’m thinking of a Destination Wedding but I don’t know where to start. Help!

Congratulations---and we definitely should talk! Unless you’re getting married in your backyard, every Wedding is a Destination Wedding. The Crown Travel Group has worked with Weddings from 2 to 200 and with Guests from up to 34 different countries. We’ll help you select your Wedding destination, secure the best rates along with valuable group benefits. Your Guests will be able to contact us directly & we’ll coordinate all the details of their trips---keeping you updated on your Guest list but not in the middle of it all. The Crown Travel Group will also work with You on your Wedding plans to make sure your Celebration is just as you dreamed. Our Couples often request we fly in to manage their Wedding Celebrations so they & their Guests can focus entirely on the festivities. (for this, actual costs are charged, no service fees)

We have a group of friends that we plan a golf, spa, diving, BFF trip together every year – can you help us?

Absolutely! And still no charge.